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Coir Cellulose Dishwashing Sponge Natural Cotton Stitched Plant-based Eco Friendly Coconut Fiber Scrubber Scouring Pads

Coir Cellulose Dishwashing Sponge Natural Cotton Stitched Plant-based Eco Friendly Coconut Fiber Scrubber Scouring Pads

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Coir kitchen sponges are made from coconut husks and cotton cellulose. They’re much more eco-friendly than plastic sponges since they go through a less toxic manufacturing process and degrade in landfills. Other materials include cotton fibers, sodium sulfate crystals, and softeners. These sponges are soft when you first receive them because they are treated with sterile water that keeps them pliable. This treatment also keeps bacteria from growing inside the product before purchase. Rinse your sponges thoroughly before you first use them.


The coir viscose mix (brown scouring pad) is made from coconut husk fibers and rayon. This mix produces a tough and abrasive material that can deal with heavy duty scrubbing such as the removal of grease and baked-on foods.


Our kitchen sponges are plastic-free and odor-free. They don’t collect funky odors and bacteria like plastic sponges and synthetic cloths.


No more glues or industrial adhesives. Every sponge is stitched with 100% cotton thread, and are REACH compliant, an EU "Safety Test" standard.


We are striving towards being a packaging-free company. We use packaging only for logistical requirements. The sponges are tied together using a jute rope. Repurpose the jute rope by tying it to our brand tag as a hanging option (see photos).


All our sponges (including the scouring portion and the jute rope) are 100% biodegradable; it's the most eco-friendly cleaning alternative and has no poly-anything!


Key Benefits:
• Wash and scrub anything
• Clean the sink, remove tough stains
• Lesser impact on the environment in comparison to plastic sponges
• Scrubbing using coir reduces risk of microplastic pollution 


Product Features:
• Cellulose (white portion) will harden when it dries, reducing odor and bacteria
• Biodegradable alternative to plastic sponges and synthetic cloths
• Stitched / woven with 100% cotton thread, not glued
• Dishwasher-safe 
• Suds up well
• REACH Compliant


• Coconut husk fiber
• Rayon
• Wood pulp cellulose


Product Specifications:
• Size: 11cm x 7cm x 2cm
• Weight: 0.019kg

What's in the package:
(a) 01 x coir kitchen sponge
(b) 01 x jute rope (packaging)


User Instructions:
Use coir kitchen sponges like you would with any type of dishwashing sponges. They are soft and pliable when you first use them, but don't be alarmed when it hardens and shrinks, it is in its normal state. Just soak them in water to soften them.


Care instructions:
Hygiene specialists recommend that you replace your sponges every 1 to 2 months. If you keep it clean, you can reuse a cellulose sponge for up to 6 months. Although with frequent care and rougher use, your sponge may only last about a month. To make them last, rinse sponges thoroughly after each use. Allow them to dry completely open to the air or you may sun them as well. Alternatively, you may soak the sponge in a mixture of one part bleach to nine parts water for two minutes. Wring it out, then air dry. Another way is to soak the sponge in full-strength vinegar for five minutes, then rinse and air dry. Our sponges are dishwasher-friendly, so you can also run sponges through a cycle in the dishwasher on the top rack.


Warning: Avoid using sponges to wipe raw egg or raw meat juices. Sponge material is flammable.


*Due to light and screen settings on different devices, colour of the product may look slightly different from the picture. All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

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