The Brand

Who We Are

Neuhabitat is an Earth friendly lifestyle brand which aims to reduce single-use plastic and paper waste through careful curation and creation of essential household products that are made from environmentally sustainable materials.

Using less for more; being more conscious of how we use resources which would in turn help to reduce the pressure on landfills and the ecosystem as a whole.


What We Do

It’s not just about saying “no to single-use paper or plastics". You have to walk the talk.
As the global population grows, it’s an inevitable increase in plastic and paper consumption. It’s up to you and billions of other consumers alike to help change the course of our children’s future; a grim dystopia of waste paper and plastic-filled oceans, accompanied with the collapse of multiple ecosystems.
Neuhabitat strives to achieve 1 simple objective.
We are going to put a sponge cloth in every home, starting in Singapore.
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