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Bamboo Long & Knob Handle Cleaning Brush Set Sisal Palm Fiber Scrubber Interchangeable Detachable Replacement Head

Bamboo Long & Knob Handle Cleaning Brush Set Sisal Palm Fiber Scrubber Interchangeable Detachable Replacement Head

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Handle Types & Brush Heads

Neuhabitat aims to reduce single-use plastic and microplastic waste, as such we have created an eco-conscious alternative to the plastic scrubber and steel wool; a “zero waste” multipurpose bamboo scrubber with detachable brush heads.

We designed our scrubber with the same Moso bamboo that’s use to make our bamboo toothbrushes. The bristles on the brush heads are made of either sisal or palm fiber. The long handle and knob handle brushes have detachable brush heads which allows you to interchange between a sisal brush head or palm fiber brush head for brushing intensity and better handling. When the bristles are worn, simply dispose of the brush head only, thus enabling better waste management in the process. You can keep the handles and grab replacement brush heads from us.

The Moso bamboo is FSC-Certified and panda-friendly. More importantly, the entire brush (handles, brush heads and bristles) are 100% plant-based, they will biodegrade and break down in any compost environment. Bamboo handles can be recycled at the end of their product life cycles as they are 100% bamboo wood.

Key Benefits:
• Scrub kitchen utensils, dishes, pans, pots, grills, ovens, bathrooms, grouts, etc.
• Interchangeable sisal/palm fiber brush heads for different scrubbing intensity
• 2 types of detachable handles for better grip and handling
• Removes dirt, tough stains and burnt or baked-on food
• 100% plant-based brush
• Multipurpose; get creative with its functions
• Low waste

Product Features:
• Detachable brush heads are replaceable
• No plastic and no chemicals
• FSC-Certified Moso bamboo
• Attached hemp rope to hang up your long handle brush
• Compostable and biodegradable


• Moso bamboo
• Sisal
• Palm Fiber
• Hemp


• Brush head is 5.5cm in length with max diameter 6cm
• Long Handle (without rope) is 20.5cm in length with max diameter 5.5cm
• Knob Handle is 6.5cm in length with max diameter 5.5cm

Package includes:
1. 01 x Long Handle Only With Attached Hemp Rope OR
2. 01 x Knob Handle Only OR
3. 01 x Detached Sisal Brush Head OR
4. 01 x Detached Palm Fiber Brush Head

User Instructions:
Use the brush as you would with any brushes. Sisal bristles are for normal/standard scrubbing. Palm fiber bristles are for heavy duty scrubbing. Word of caution, due to its abrasive nature, it may damage surfaces and/or leave scratch marks. For any brushing and scrubbing, always test gently on a small area first before proceeding.

Care Instructions:
Rinse with soap and water after use and allow for it to fully air dry before storing.

Warning: Do not use on Teflon or non-stick surfaces.

*Due to light and screen settings on different devices, colour of the product may look slightly different from the picture. All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

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