World Oceans Day 2023

World Oceans Day 2023

Look, it's so easy to forget the ocean, and just because it has always been there, doesn't mean it will always be there. The oceans and all its biodiversity that comes with it is currently under threat. A recent study suggested that if current trends in overfishing, habitat destruction, and pollution continue, there could be a collapse of global fish supply by 2048.

In addition, plastic pollution also poses a threat to marine life through entanglement, ingestion, habitat destruction, and disruption of ecosystems. Many marine species, including birds, turtles, dolphins, whales, and fishes, have been affected by plastic debris in the oceans. They can become entangled in discarded fishing gear or mistake plastic items for food, leading to injury, starvation, or death.

It is crucial to acknowledge that plastic pollution is a contributing factor to the overall decline in biodiversity and the degradation of marine ecosystems. The cumulative impact of plastic pollution, along with other environmental pressures, such as overfishing can have devastating consequences for marine wildlife.

Our oceans are just like our forests, they need our help. Let's do a little for our oceans today, and prevent microplastics from entering the ocean. For a start, swap out plastic cleaning accessories for plant-based sponges and Swedish dishcloths. Shop here: or 


Photo credit: Oziel Gómez

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