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Spreading The Good Vibes In Sponge Cloths

It's been almost a year since we embarked on our journey to provide an easy source of sponge cloth for Singaporeans, and it certainly has been rewarding and encouraging.

In retrospect, there are many like-minded individuals and businesses that currently exists in Singapore, and with the government's push towards innovation and sustainability, many more will join in the global campaign in helping to reverse climate change, and build a better future for our children.

We have fantastic news! You can find our sponge cloths and towels at The Social Space, a multi-concept social enterprise promoting low-waste, conscious living and inclusive employment.

Overall, it's been a progressive year, considering the fact that we are still in the middle of an ongoing pandemic albeit severe recession. A glimmer of hope and positivity in the government's easing of measures has helped many look towards the horizon, and embrace a sustainable new normal.

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