One Tree At A Time

One Tree At A Time

In The Business Of Helping Others

As a small local business that explore solutions in reducing single-use plastic and paper waste, we are always doing what we can in the office/warehouse to be as "zero waste" as possible. Helping others understand the potential good one does when living sustainably is made tougher as the countdown closes in on net zero or climate calamity. Thinking we are doing more than enough is never enough.

The truth is, we were getting a little too caught up with the daily grind of our own ecommerce business, where ROI and tight budgeting was a priority. Then there's CTAs to CTRs, and questions like "should I renew my Shopify account?" When in essence, the real question we should be asking is, "How are we going to help fight climate change right now?" Or "Are we going to be planting 1 or 10 trees this month?"

So, although our business isn't on the Fortune 500, we decided to plant a tree and get the positive vibes going. And we will be planting a tree every month (a perpetual campaign) with the help of NGOs on EcoMatcher; thus fulfilling our goal of being in the business of helping others and the environment. A timely decision, as more and more countries are feeling the effects of climate change, working with like-minded individuals and businesses to reverse this catastrophe and decarbonize for the future becomes crucial for the survival of our ecosystems.

Why Plant Trees?

There are plenty of good reasons to plant trees, but we are just going to focus on 3 simple ones.

1. Trees reduce the impact of climate change. Because trees are the ultimate carbon capture and storage machines. Like great carbon sinks, woods and forests absorb atmospheric carbon and lock it up for centuries. They do this through photosynthesis. Young woodlands with mixed native species can sequester an approximate 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare in trees, roots and soil.

2. Trees improve our natural environment. They improve both air and water quality by absorbing pollutants, intercepting particulates, releasing oxygen, reducing ozone levels and reducing soil erosion. They also help to reduce temperatures in urban environments.

3. Trees help rebuild communities. Tree planting can be a full time job, but with the help of EcoMatcher, corporations can work with the right NGOs like Tree Adoption Uganda to provide support for the international agroforestry industry and reforestation efforts through education and training of growers and farmers; this provides job opportunities, while alleviating poverty.

Tree planting is an evergreen habit. It is timeless and never wrong. We are already looking forward to planting more trees in the coming years while we swop out single-use plastics, fight climate change and live sustainably.

Where Did We Plant What Tree?

This month we planted a Maesopsis Eminii in Uganda, also known as the Umbrella Tree. It is a species that is mainly found in India and Africa. Commonly used as a shade tree in coffee plantations and other crops. Its timber is also used for construction and firewood, while its leaves are used for animal fodder. The tree grows fast and up to a height of 30m. Due to the speed of its growth, it is often used in reforestation programs. 

The tree planting was arranged by Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU), a youth led social enterprise that addresses the challenges of youth unemployment and climate change. Through landscape restoration activities like planting trees and agroforestry, they build resilience for farmers against the changing economic climate while empowering unemployed youths in Uganda’s rural communities through education and training on setting up and managing indigenous tree nurseries and tree farms. Check out our tree here.

There is so much joy and happiness one can give just by planting or adopting a tree; helping farmers and growers, providing job stability, and helping to restore communities and the environment. Best part, it does feel good. Helping the planet and the people, one tree at a time.




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